Monday, July 07, 2008

Mondrian, Flex and Openbravo

This guy is using Adobe Flex as an OLAP client against Openbravo ERP data. He now plans to "connect Flex to [the Mondrian] OLAP server and let the OLAP sever do all the hard work".

Sounds like a great idea: keep the big data on the server side, send just the multidimensional, aggregated results over SOAP (XML for Analysis), and let Flex do what it does best: fast, rich client.


Tikiti1976 said...

Flex has a builtin crosstab component called OLAPDataGrid

Matt said...

There are some good examples of others connecting the Flex OLAPDataGrid to XMLA out there. See

Another interesting post I saw not long ago showed Flex grid and charting components hooked up to the Pentaho stack:

tyler frieling said...

We/I actually had to do this for a client and we are in the process of broadcasting the results.
The Flex - Mondrian combination is actually very appealing and I am hoping to continue building upon what we have now.
Here is the current page which describes what we did:
Flex OLAP Mondrian Analyzer

tyler frieling

Julian Hyde said...

Tyler, thanks for the link. I guess you meant Flex OLAP Mondrian Analyzer.