Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Need help

I was amused by this note I just received via email.

Subject: Need help
To: jhyde@users.sourceforge.net
From: <retracted>

Respected Sir, we are doing a final year project  as Student Data warehouse for BE degree and we came to know to about olap4j at the end of our project  , we are presently in unknown way and we are seeking your help, since we are left with only 15 days for project submission, so if we could get any sample application which is built on olap4j ,will help us to understanding in usage of APIs for our project ,since i find it too difficult in usage of APIs and we are out of time , so any help from your side would greatly be appreciated and remembered
Thanks in advance
I get quite a few like these. (I suppose they are a fact of life for any open source developer.)

The spelling in this one is much better than most. And usually the subject like is more like 'Need help, please, please!!!!!'. But I always wonder how anyone who uses punctuation in such an arbitrary way could ever write code that works. Probably the author's supervisor is wondering the same thing.

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Daniel Lemire said...

Unfortunately, even students with good grammar are often quite poor at coding.