Monday, November 03, 2008

OpenMRS coverage

A few months ago I wrote about OpenMRS, an excellent open-source project that is enabling hospitals and medical practices in developing countries to automate medical record-keeping, built using Pentaho technology including mondrian.

So it was good to hear a radio segment about OpenMRS on PRI's "The World" this afternoon, including an interview about how it is helping a hospital in Haiti. You can listen to it via Clark Boyd's blog.


Clark Boyd said...

Julian --

Thanks for the shout out. We're not NPR, though. We're PRI. I know, I know. But PRI makes me correct it...


Julian Hyde said...

Keep up the good work, Clark. It's great to hear about open source on the radio, and in particular when it's making the world a better place. Too often it's just "such-and-such open source company just went IPO", as if Wall Street were the only thing that matters. It's certainly not why I do it.

Thanks for the correction re PRI. I've fixed the blog entry.