Tuesday, November 04, 2008

To: Rest of World

Normal service has resumed.

Sorry about the last eight years.


enricbiosca said...

Hi Julian

Very nice post!
I have mentioned it in my blog.

Well comment about the last 8 years.

Thanks for all

Woolery said...

I prefer the smaller goverment, free trade, private enterprise friendly administration of the last eight years to the big social program, redistributionist, and protectionist policies of the president elect. As a user and occasional patch contributor to Mondrian, I'm sorry to see the leading mind behind the project opposed to that idealogy.

Martí Broquetas said...

Nice post, but don´t forget that the last 8 years where not isolated. What ended yesterday didn´t begin in 2000, it began with Regan some 29 years ago. But it is true that the last 8 where the worse anyone remember.

Luc Boudreau said...

@Woolery : I think your opinion reflects more the propaganda on economic growth then the actual facts. Watch out for fallacious factual errors.

"Smaller goverment"? Bush government related expenses have increased by a full order of magnitude and so did every republican administration of the last 50 years.

"Free trade"? The Bush administration has violated countless bylaws of the NAFTA and are currently being sued on various tribunals, both domestic and NAFTA related.

"Redistributionist"? I suppose you forgot the juicy checks the Bush administration has sent in the mail to every citizen a few years ago.

"Enterprise friendly administration"? I guess you're referring to the capacity of a given government to stimulate economic growth. You're supposing that economic growth can be an indication of the success of a society. Well, if we go back to the soviet era, their economic growth had surpassed every western political entity of the time. Now, does that make an argument for totalitarian regimes? I very much doubt so. Does this make an argument against economic growth? Nope. These two things are completely unrelated.

Social programs, redistribution, protectionism, these cannot in themselves be considered the root causes of anyone's demise. George Bush established a myriad of protectionist policies ranging from agricultural subsidies to medication exports regulations.

I'm not an American, but I know one thing for sure. Politics in the US don't have anything to do with factual exactitude. It's all about a "vote for me because the other guy will eat your babies" contest. You should not focus on the candidates key terms, but rather on their actions.

Social success and wealth comes from a responsible government and Humane governance. Giving money to the people in need, how can a wise man call this bad?

Mencius said : Great is the man who did not loose his child heart. He does not think beforehand that his words should be sincere, nor his actions resolute. He simply abides in the Right.

Your new President is a wise man, for he understands his role in the social fabric and knows that his duty lies in it's actualization.

That said, I salute this welcomed change.

Javier Gimenez said...

jejejeje I really feel a big relief :)